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Cheap and CHIC – workwear – OOTD

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imageAs someone new to blogging I never realised how awkward posing for an OOTD would be, my poor housemate!!!

imageAs the title of this blog suggests I am all about finding fashion bargains and as someone who has only recently started ‘grown up’ work I find myself constantly torn between looking professional and showing some personality as well as not spending the entirety of my new found wages. Through this blog, I will document my attempts at finding work (and weekend) wear that is both chic and cheap. (And you never know I might get better at posing for pictures along the way!!!)


Adding a simple stripy tee to this plain black dress adds something a bit more fun and gives the whole look a cheeky (and chic-y) French twist.

T shirt £12.99 h&m

Dress £24.99 h&m



Primark boots are the perfect way to add height without hurting! And a navy Primark handbag with 3 compartments is also a practical addition to the outfit:


For jewellery further fun is added by an ASOS owl ring and a simple but bold new look necklace:


Item details:



image That’s it for my first proper blog post! Let me know what you think of the outfit/format/anything!! I will be back with another outfit next week, thanks for reading!

Outfit of the day: number one… vero moda, h&m and primarniiii

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So… Never did finish that 30 day song challenge did I? oops. This blog shall get moving soon though I promise you! But firstly another pointless post that will probably interest no-one. But if you do this outfit cost under £30 including the shoes and is perfect for a casual day of shopping!



Details: top £10 in the sale at Vero Moda (bought in the past week so may still be in stock!!!)- the text says SHE; Trousers £9.99 (I think) h&m and shoesss which are surprisingly comfortable for their height £6 in the sale at Primark. Oh and the scarf in my hand cost £3 from a local market stall.


Outfit of the Day: Beach Look Bargain

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So I know I am not actually at a beach (soon will be :D) but I thought I’d take advantage of the unusually warm English heat. And when I call this outfit a bargain I do mean bargain!

To start off the sunglasses, they were just £2 from Primark and are perfect for wearing to the beach as you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged or anything. What I love about these is they have gorgeous side detailing that are perfect when your hair is scraped back into a ponytail. However it is unusually low placed on the frame so it looks silly if you place them on top of your head. However at £2 I really am not complaining!

The top cost just £2.99 from h&m and is an absolute bargain – you can team it with shorts; leggings, and over a bikini at the beach. I even wore mine tuckeed into a pencil skirt, making it totally office smart!

The shorts are last years and I got them from New Look for around £8 I think. They have similar ones this year too and are a great summer wardrobe basic!

And my final (bargain) piece de resistance are these gladiator sandals which are absolutely gorgeous and I got them from New Look for just £12. They also come in black and gold but for me this platinum colour was the most versatile and summmery for me and I think the colour that goes best with the style of shoe.

This outfit had no jewellery, quite often when  I am hot in would seem like a lot of faff. However I have worn it before with just a large statement ring (of the type that can be bought at Primark for a few quid or Topshop for more of a splurge item).

Thats all for now. Hopefully, this will be the first post of many!