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Starting again (again)

In Uncategorized on October 11, 2015 at 3:27 pm

Over the past few years or so I have had many failed attempts at creating a ‘blog’. None of these stuck around for too long and I certainly never found my comfort zone when it came to revealing details of my life online.

However when I do look back at my old blogposts (they are in the archives if you want a cringe) I like the fact that they document parts of my life – clothing pieces I’d forgotten I’d owned, brief obsessions and strange haircuts – and I wish that I’d done it more.

I don’t know how often I’m going to be posting things on here – I don’t have a state of the art camera or laptop so I will never achieve the sleek heights of other blogs I admire but I did want my own little piece of the internet where I can start to document life in my twenties in London!

Therefore as this is the about me section of this blog and I haven’t actually said a thing about me I shall start now:

– I am 23 years old and currently living in Stratford, London after growing up in Derby and going to uni in Durham.

– One thing I pride myself on is my ability to find bargains and so one theme of this blog will definitely be (as I have tried quite miserably to do in the past) a ‘cheap and chic’ section where I document my quest to find workwear (and weekend wear of course) that doesn’t cost as much as it looks like it does ;).

-I have a variety of other interests (feel like a bit of a knob saying that, who doesn’t?!) and I will aim to write about as many as I can on here. These include: politics, literature, TV, country music, theatre, fashion, finance (although not sure that some of these will make interesting blogs :|)

-I am currently trying to be ovo-pescatarian (no meat, yes fish, no dairy, yes eggs) although I am definitely not a role model in terms of lifestyle so I may document that struggle on here too.

-I will more than likely be terrible at posting on here so if you want to see more frequent updates then you can find me at @lauracatebell on twitter and instagram. I also welcome constructive feedback and new people to chat too 🙂

But really this is just a quick post to say that this blog is very much a work in progress – watch this space and plz bear with me!