A reforming SHOPAHOLIC’s day out in OXFORD STREET

In Fashion blog, Haul, Rambling on January 8, 2012 at 9:05 pm

Week 1 of 2012 and I seem to be sticking to my resolutions!!!

This Wednesday I took a wonderful trip to London, usually the most expensive of days for me – two words Oxford Street!!! However it was a day of bargains…

1) I took a national express coach instead of going by train as usual, okay so the journey did take 3 hours and I had to catch the coach at half 6 but it cost me £12.50 return, far from the ridiculous amount it would have cost me on a train. And you know what with a copy of Grazia, an mp3 player and a book as well as a delightful nap the journey passed in no time. ( The return journey was a different story but we all know well that trains have delays too.)

2) Booking theatre tickets in advance – Wicked for £25, what more can I say. And it was my Christmas  present to myself ( I always know just what to get!!!!!) so I justified a little treat… It was of course AMAZING.

3) Having a clear idea of what I wanted to buy… This definitely helped me! Sales used to make me go crazy and buy everything I could see in my size and under £20 (okay not always in my size I admit) and now they make me go crazy in a different way – all the mess, all the horrible, horrible clothes that no-one wants. To avoid this I had a clear idea in my head of what I wanted and also lived by my new rule of shopping – when looking at an item concoct in your head 5 separate outfits (using clothes you already own) that you can use the item for. Then think to yourself for what events can I wear these outfits, will I be able to wear it in the summer, will I be able to wear it when it’s cold out etc etc. This is a very easy way to avoid wasting money on clothes that you will find years later in your wardrobe, tags still in. These very strict rules meant I only made 1 purchase. A rather lovely deer print shirt from h&m costing only £12.99:

4) Miss Selfridge Jewellery Sales

Okay so I did spend in the sales just a teensy tiny bit. But if I told you I got a necklace and a pair earrings for £1 each could you blame me???

I absolutely ❤ Miss Selfridge jewellery sales, they are really really great for finding jewellery that’s a bit quirky and that’s ridiculously cheeeaaap 🙂[414041|208126]&noOfRefinements=1


(Idon’t know where the pictures have gone from this post – will sort it asap!!!!)

  1. wicked and oxford street seems like a winning combo
    good shout on the miss s jewelry

    e xx

  2. no more miss shopaholic :O

  3. yes I highly recommend wicked if you haven’t seen it, or if you have see it again I am in love!!

    And I am a changed woman Sophia – let me know how the gap yah’s going!

    Thanks for the comments my first in ages :O


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