Jack Wills University Tour: Durham (AKA FREE STUFF YAY)

In Fashion blog, Haul on March 6, 2011 at 4:09 pm

Now this post is unusual for me. Jack Wills isn’t my usual thing, rah I certainly ain’t. However dragged along by my friends (okay so yeah I wanted to go, my uber cheap skate side will always shine through!) I found myself  first in the queue and pushing through to get my fabulous Jack Wills Party pants! It was the second stop of the Jack Wills Spring University Tour and they will also be visiting Manchester tomorrow, followed by Norwich, Nottingham and Dublin so I really do recommend going !!!


Just  a quick little haul of what I got:


And then a printed vest top which is actually incredibly see through for saying that it costs £16 to buy!  and a mug.. as well as some cute sweets (which unfortunately didn’t last long enough to be photographed!)

Not that I ever want to buy Jack Wills, paying money for a mediocre and quite frankly plain piece of clothing just because of some exclusive branding has never been my thing.



  1. Jack wills is far from plain! Fantastic quality, too. Worth every penny IMO. The gilets are awesome.

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